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Sustainability Report 2013


Social Policy

In order to recruit, retain, motivate employees and unlock their professional and personal potential, Vnesheconombank implements HR policies focused on employee social security.

Results of social programmes implemented by Vnesheconombank in 2013

Vnesheconombank offers its employees an expanded social security package that includes, as its permanent components, the voluntary healthcare insurance (VHI) and non-government pension schemes, and additional social benefits. The latter comprise health resort and recreation programmes for employees and their family members, health insurance for employees during their cross-border business and personal trips, accident insurance, and personal property and motor insurance.

The social benefits are offered to full-time staff employees of Vnesheconombank. They also cover members of employees’ families and retirees (members of the Council of Labour Veterans). The membership in Vnesheconombank’s Council of Labour Veterans (CLV) is offered to employees who have worked in the Bank for at least 10 years and retired for age or disability (Groups I and II) reasons.

Healthcare services

The VHI programme of Vnesheconombank includes a wide range of healthcare services, including outpatient polyclinic services, dental care, homecare, emergency and immediate medical services, emergency and scheduled inpatient care. The comprehensive VHI programme also comprises Prenatal Supervision over Pregnant Women and Obstetric Care extra options.

The voluntary healthcare insurance of the Bank’s employees, retiree members of Vnesheconombank’s Council of Labour Veterans, and employees’ children aged between 0 and 3 years is fully financed by Vnesheconombank. In 2013, the annual limit for expenses under the VHI programme was RUB 30 thousand per employee of Vnesheconombank. Employees may also upgrade their VHI programme to a higher level and insure his or her close relatives under a corporate VHI agreement.

The Bank offers a VHI programme covering non-insured disease treatment to Vnesheconombank’s employees who require expensive treatment. Additionally, since 2013, Vnesheconombank covers the cost of expendables required for such treatment.

In 2013, Vnesheconombank launched a new health resort (rehabilitation) treatment programme for its employees. The programme provides for treatment for a period from 14 to 18 days in a health resort in Russia. This treatment programme financed by Vnesheconombank allocates RUB 5 thousand per day per employee or per member of Vnesheconombank’s Council of Labour Veterans, and 4 thousand roubles per day per employee’s relative (spouse, child).

The scheduled medical inspections (run every 2 years) and preliminary medical inspections of new employees are an important preventive measure aimed to timely identify any diseases of the Bank’s employees.

Additionally, employees have access to medical aid at the medical aid station located in Vnesheconombank’s building that operates as part of the Doctor in Office programme. In the cold season, the medical station offers influenza vaccination to all interested employees of the Bank.

Discount insurance schemes

Vnesheconombank’s employees and their families are offered an extensive list of plans and corporate rates for personal property and motor insurance, and healthcare insurance during their business and personal cross-border trips. Cash operators and employees of Vnesheconombank’s representative offices in Russia are also offered an accident insurance scheme.

Corporate personal property and motor insurance schemes are available for all employees and their family members. The Bank’s employees and their family members leaving their permanent places of residence are offered cost insurance policies provided that they participate in the VHI programme.

Leisure and recreation for employees

Vnesheconombank’s social policy focuses, among other things, on organising full-scale and healthy recreation for its employees, their family members and retiree members of Vnesheconombank’s Council of Labour Veterans. The signing of an agreement between Vnesheconombank and the Recreation Centre of LLC Razvitiye in the Astrakhan Region has become an important step in this direction. The Bank’s employees and their family members have been spending their vacations at the Centre already for several years. The vacation packages are offered to employees who have worked in Vnesheconombank for at least 1 year.

LLC Razvitiye Recreation Centre programme

Vnesheconombank offers its employees, their family members and retiree members of Vnesheconombank’s Council of Labour Veterans an opportunity to improve their health and recover their work capabilities by visiting the Recreation Centre of LLC Razvitiye located in an environmentally clean area 65 kilometres from Astrakhan on the bank of the Volga River.

The Centre offers a well-developed infrastructure, high quality services and has everything to provide full-scale recreation. The Centre keeps a horse stable to offer equestrian riding, including horse riding coach services. The visitors also have an opportunity to use motor boats of different scale for active water leisure.

LLC Razvitiye Recreation Centre programme

The cost of the vacation packages for employees and retiree members of Vnesheconombank’s Council of Labour Veterans is fully financed by Vnesheconombank. Close relatives of the Bank’s employees are refunded 80% of the package cost.

All Vnesheconombank’s employees and their family members have an opportunity to acquire membership cards of the World Class and World Class Lite fitness clubs at a discount corporate rate (from 30% to 40%). The clubs offer advanced sports equipment and a convenient location. Holders of these membership cards also may visit clubs in other Russian regions and CIS countries free of charge when on business trips, including to Vnesheconombank’s Representative Offices.

Non-government pension security

The pension scheme applicable in Vnesheconombank is implemented under the non-government pension security agreement with NPF “Podderzhka”. Under the terms of the agreement, Vnesheconombank pays monthly contributions to registered personal pension accounts of its employees who have worked in the Bank for at least 1 year. The non-government pension is payable to the Bank’s employees who have reached the retirement age and who have worked in Vnesheconombank for at least 5 years.

Retiree members of Vnesheconombank’s Council of Labour Veterans are offered a pension scheme under the non-government pension security agreement with Non-State Pension Fund “Vnesheconomfond”.

Social programmes for Vnesheconombank Group’s employees

In 2013, the key types of benefits provided by almost all Vnesheconombank Group’s entities to full-time employees included healthcare insurance and financial aid. As a year before, Bank BelVEB, Prominvestbank and VEB-Leasing offered their employees the most comprehensive social security package.

Across the Group in general, the number of employees insured under VHI programmes exceeded 10 thousand people, while the total amount of financial aid provided to employees was above RUB 260 mn. The Group’s entities also quite actively insured their employees against accidents, primarily cash operators. In 2013, the overall number of such employees was about 400 people across the Group.

Some entities of the Group offer their employees extra benefits, e. g. partial reimbursement of catering costs in Eximbank of Russia, free-of-charge excursions for employees and their family members in Sviaz-Bank, and corporate gifts for employees and their children.